Yiyang gain metal materials co., LTD

Yiyang gain metal materials co., LTD., established in2007Years,The specialty is engaged in the pge precious metal recovery and refining and production and sale of the precious metal compounds。The registered capital1000Ten thousand yuan,The company covers an area of20m,Production equipment is perfect,Is a considerable production scale and production processing enterprises with strong economic strength。Have for years and a number of domestic、Foreign enterprise cooperation,And my company's product quality is stable,Abundant raw material sources。I companies adhering to the“The best quality products,The most competitive price,The most considerate service”The management idea,Won the unanimous favorable comment of customer and industry a good reputation
      In order to seeking better development opportunities,We are also constantly improve yourself,We also doISO19000 、ISO14000、 ISO18000Certification,And in strict accordance with the standards implementation,2014Years8Month,Through the recognition of the environmental protection department,To obtain the business license of hazardous waste。My company has a high-quality talent team,60%The above employees with college culture。We firmly believe that,High-quality staff is the reliable guarantee for high quality products。

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